Spirit Straight Key Arm Change Instructions

We strongly recommend following this process when changing out the arm on your AF6L Spirit Straight Morse Key.

Although there are 21 steps, each is simple and easy to achieve, the whole process taking less than 10 minutes.

The only tools needed are the hex keys and the pivot-removal tool provided.

1.  Remove the lid by removing all 4 lid screws and put aside.

2. Remove the base by removing the four base screws and put aside.

 3. Loosen the three setscrews indicated on the underside of the body by ONE turn.  One of these screws is under the wiring - please be careful when loosening.

4. Use the 1/4" wrench to remove the pivot holder screw all the way out.

5. Tip out the pivot spacer.

6. Insert the pivot removal tool through the large hole, carefully engaging the threads in the hollow end of the pivot, and wind it in 4 or 5 turns. 

7. Keep some pressure on the arm above the pivot and carefully pull the pivot completely free leaving the pivot attached to the removal tool.

7.  Lift the arm straight up away from the body and locate the small spring. This electrical connection spring is often to be found stuck to the magnets on the underside of the arm!  Leave the pivot on the end of the removal tool.  A drop or two of light machine oil may be added to the pivot if needed.

8. Prepare the new arm by loosening the two magnet set screws. Be sure to remove both magnets completely. If you like a fairly light pressure key, adding a touch of talcum powder to the silicon pad under the new arm can help improve the feel of the key, by removing any residual stickiness.

9. Place the electrical connection spring carefully on the bottom connector.  Make sure it sits within the black Delrin ring.

10. Lower the new arm into place, lining up the pivot hole in the arm with the bushings.  You can look under the arm and check the top of the spring has seated into the hollow in the underside of the arm correctly.  In this position, the spring has virtually no bearing on the movement of the arm itself, being directly under the pivot. From the top, you can see the magnets in the base through the arm.  Keep pressure on the arm to keep the spring in place and the arm aligned.

11. Insert the pivot pin, still attached to the pivot removal tool, back into the body through the large hole, and push carefully into place. You may need to vary the pressure on the arm slightly with your fingers to help it find its way through the arm and bushings.

12.  Once the pivot is fully inserted, push down on the arm above the pivot while unscrewing the pivot removal tool. When it is entirely free of the threads, pull the removal tool free.

13.  Insert the Delrin pivot spacer.

14. Replace the pivot holder and tighten until just snug.

15. Tighten the three set screws on the underside by no more than ONE turn.

16. Make sure the arm moves smoothly and falls when released.  If there is any binding, loosen the set screws from step 15 a little and retry.

17. Replace the two arm magnets.

18.  Snug up the two magnet set screws through the base side.

19.  Replace the base and tighten the four screws.

20. Adjust the magnets and contact gap until they are to your liking, following steps in the adjustment instructions: 

21. Replace the lid with the four screws.

22. The arm replacement procedure is now complete!