Although we have just started shipping out our first batch of Spirit Morse Keys, we have been receiving great feedback already.  

Here are some comments:

David,  Congratulations on completing your Kickstarter.  You are off to a great start.  Received my key today and you did a very nice job.  Here is some feedback….  Aside: I’m a contemporary “mid range” key collector; I worked for HRO for seven years, so it was easy.  I have the full Kent key collection, a Bencher BY1, a Bencher HexKey, a Vibroplex iambic key, and an American Morse paddle that I assembled from their kit.  So I got them all out, adjusted the Spirit Key and did a side by side.  The Spirit Key performed as well or better than the other keys. It has a smooth feel and is a piece of cake to adjust, although I’m still playing with the tension. It is in good company.   I’m sorry I don’t have a Begali to compare it too but then my Morse skills might not be good enough to discern any difference.  Plus, I like the rugged construction.  If I need to take a key “into the field”, I’ll be reaching for the Spirit key. [...]  In closing, I like the Spirit key and it serves its namesake well.   73  Logan, KE7AZ


#47 arrived in yesterday’s mail. It’s going to take a little bit of fine tuning and adjustment to get it dialed in just the way I like, but I’m very happy with it. Love the look! Black anodized base makes it look like a piece of spacecraft hardware. I’ll give you some additional operational feedback over time. Thank you and 73! —  Ethan, K8GU

I just received now, it's excactly what I was hoping: Superb quality, finish like if it was Swiss Made! Tgank you guy for your great job.  Olivier B HB9GUY, Geneva, CH.

I guess I should start learning Morse now.  Ken G., Kirkdale, WA.

Great first impression.  Need to reduce the paddle travel and tighten up the tension.  Thanks for the wrenches.  Logan R., Oro Valley, AZ.

Incredibly well made.  I am impressed.   Walter W., Marietta, GA.

Beautifully built -- I'm still learning the code, but looking forward   David W., Seattle, WA.

It feels solid and sturdy. Thank you.   Courtland R., Veneta, OR.

Kind of fun to take it apart — I really like it  — I am anxious to see what you all come up with next — the design and construction is pretty dang cool.   David W., Bear Lake, MI 

“I love it when a plan comes together”...  Key arrived today. It’s very nicely done and I am a satisfied backer. Congratulations on completing your kickstarter. 73  Logan, KE7AZ

Congratulations on your successful project! I am happy with my key!    Dwayne S., Hood River, OR

Hi David, No 89 finally arrived today after a considerable delay in UK customs, I have it set up and working I have to congratulate you on designing and building what I think is a work of art that is totally suited to grace any shack.   73 de Peter G3ML   Peter W., Kent, UK

Just arrived this morning here in Geneva, Switzerland..... Really a great key. Nice and easy to use. [...] Thanks for this very nice piece of art. Great job, and very quick quickstarter I ever seen. Best 73 to all of you. Spirit Morse Key #0066. HB9GUR   Philippe H, Geneva, SUI

Mine just arrived! It looks and feels amazing, strong work guys!  J.B.S., Frederick, MD

Hi David! I just opened up the box. The key looks and feels terrific! You guys did a great job. Thank you again! 73 es TU!     M. Tyler R.,   Pasadena, MD

Just got it and hooked it up to the Morserino. Didn't work. Finally figured out that one has to select external paddles... The key is a really sold build, and looks GREAT!    Al F., La Mesa, CA

 I was feeling brave and removed the top, marveled at the neat through-key adjustment design. Loving the key! Nice work!    Charles M., Austin, TX

And lots of feedback including two videos from Josh (Hoshnasi) from Ham Radio Crash Course:

Hi David, I got it all setup tonight, it is AWESOME.  Nicely done!

I made a few contacts and it was AWESOME.  Great feel!