Spirit Morse Key Instructions

Basic Setup

Connecting to your Equipment

Included in the box with the key were a 3ft long audio cable and an adaptor.

1. Connect the 3.5mm /1/8th inch lead to the socket in the back of the key.

2. Connect the other end to your electronic keyer or radio, using the 1/4 inch adaptor if required.

3. You may need to configure your electronic keyer or radio for proper function.  Please refer to your equipment instructions for this step.

Basic Adjustments

Paddle Travel - Contact Gap Spacing

Included in the box with the key were two hex wrenches.

These two hex wrenches should be everything you need to adjust the key to your preferences.

1. Remove the lid with the four screws.

2. Loosen the contact set screw on top of the paddle half a turn.

3. Using the long arm of the same hex wrench, pass it through the smallest hole on the OPPOSITE side of the base to the paddle you want to adjust. The key passes through the nearest paddle to engage the contact in the other paddle.

4. In the picture above, the smaller wrench is inserted into the right side of the key to adjust the travel of the left paddle.  Clockwise rotation makes the contact travel smaller, for less movement. Anti-clockwise for more movement.

5. Once you have it adjusted just as you like, tighten the set screw on top 1/2 turn to lock it in place.

6. Repeat for the other paddle if required.

7. Replace the lid and its four screws.

Adjusting the paddle pressure

The Spirit Morse Key uses rare-earth magnets to provide consistent paddle pressure and return.

The magnets are adjustable using the larger hex wrench.

There is no need to remove the lid for this operation (the picture shows it removed for clarity).

1. Insert the larger wrench into the socket as shown.

2. Clockwise rotation makes the magnet move nearer to the paddle for increased pressure. Anti-clockwise rotation moves the magnet further away for reduced pressure.

The magnet holder is also held in place with set screws, accessible from the underside of the key.  This setting has been adjusted for you and should not need to be changed.