Single Paddle Instructions

Single Paddle Basic Setup

Connecting to your Equipment

Included in the box with the key were a 3ft long audio cable and an adaptor.

1. Connect the 3.5mm / 1/8th inch lead to the socket in the back of the key.

2. Connect the other end to your electronic keyer or radio, using the 1/4 inch adaptor if required.

3. You may need to configure your electronic keyer or radio for proper function.  Please refer to your equipment instructions for this step.

Single Paddle Force and Gap Adjustments

Included in the box with the key were two hex wrenches.

These two hex wrenches should be everything you need to adjust the key to your preferences.

The Spirit Morse Key uses rare-earth magnets to provide consistent paddle pressure and return.

The magnet holders are adjustable using the larger hex wrench.

The contacts and set screws are adjusted using the smaller hex wrench.


The process to adjust the single paddle key can seem a little confusing at first.

Please follow the following steps carefully until you have the key just as you want it. 

You may have to repeat the process several times as the combined result from the three sets of magnets interacting with the paddle can be unpredictable at times.

1.  Remove the lid by removing the four screws.

2.  If you are happy with the force needed to move the paddles and just want to adjust the contact gap, skip to step 4. Otherwise, wind out both left and right side magnets just until flush with the outer surface.

3.  Adjust the rear magnet until the force needed to move the paddle seems about right.  Wind it in (clockwise) for more force, and out (counter-clockwise) for less force.  If necessary, for a very light and fast key, this magnet may be wound out until almost flush with the outer surface of the key, or even removed completely. If you wind it out further than flush with the surface, please see the note below concerning the set screw.

4.  Loosen the contact set screw (indicated with a red arrow) on top of the paddle half a turn.

5.  Using the long arm of the same hex wrench, pass it through the smallest hole on the OPPOSITE side of the base to the contact you want to adjust. 

6.  In the picture above, the smaller wrench is inserted into the right side of the key to adjust the travel of the left contact.  Clockwise rotation makes the contact travel smaller, for less movement. Anti-clockwise for more movement.

7.  Once you have both contacts adjusted just as you like, with a close to equal gap on each side, tighten the set screw on top 1/2 turn to lock it back in place.

8.  By carefully winding in the side magnets you can fine-tune the overall force and center the contacts perfectly.  When new, we usually wind the side magnets in around 3 full turns from flush, then adjust as required.  The forces between the magnets and the paddle are opposing, so adjusting the side magnets only makes a small difference to the paddle force setting - most of the difference comes from the rear magnet. 

9.  If you wish to adjust the force needed to move the paddle, start again at step 2.

10.  If you are happy with the force setting and just want to change the gap, start at step 4.

11. Replace the lid and its four screws.

NOTE:  If you have an intermittent contact issue, this is usually due to the paddle set screw being left too loose.  Please carefully tighten the set screw a little more - the contacts below it need to make good contact with their thread to make a consistent electrical connection.  

NOTE: When adjusting the magnets, please note they are held in place by set screws located under the base.

(Try not to go past the point where the magnet holder is flush with the surface, shown below.  If you do, please see the note below.)

Each magnet holder is also held in place with a set screw and a small silicone tube.

The small silicone tubes and set screws are accessible from the underside of the key as shown by the red arrows below.

NOTE: If you wind the magnet screw out more than flush, the small silicone tube mentioned above may come loose and drop inside.  If the magnet holder is wound out further than flush with the edge, remove the magnet holder completely, remove the appropriate set screw, and remove the silicone tube. It may need a push with the small Allen key. Then replace the magnet holder, replace the silicone tube, and retighten the set screw until just snug.