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Whichever receiver, amplifier, tower, or antenna you use, the morse key is the part that connects you to your equipment.  The way you communicate through cw is entirely dependent on how your fingers interface with your equipment.  A crisp, clean, consistent key reduces errors, making you more understandable.

A quality Morse key helps you maintain a subconscious frame of mind while keying, letting the code flow from your fingertips without interruption. If you don't have to fight your key, you can concentrate on enjoying the conversation.

While looking for the perfect cw (Morse) key, it was hard to find something modern-looking, consistent in action, and at a reasonable price. While meeting over coffee with local machinist Erik, a plan started to formulate. Erik used to work for Boeing as a designer/machinist and runs his own small business machining all kinds of high-end parts.

I decided to make my own key, commissioning Erik to draw on his experience to design something beautiful, solid, and extremely functional. He built in all the features of expensive keys and avoided all the pitfalls of many of the cheaper offerings. 

And that is how the Spirit Morse Key concept came to be!

Development Photos

The parts of the prototype Spirit key

David and Erik working on the main body

Erik machining with the Haas CNC

Final measurement checks

Erik making sure the pins start true with the Bridgeport Mill

Final part fitting of the prototype Spirit Key

Prototype key in bare aluminum


Kickstarter Backers

Many thanks to the following for their support during the Kickstarter campaign:

Don Gross
Marek & Erin Kolar
Mark Privitt
Peter G3MLO